Town of Hancock

PO Box 68
Hancock, ME 04640
Phone: 207-422-3393 Fax: 207-422-6705


  • Environmental Control Ordinance (11/15/13)
  • Prelimary Floodplain Maps for Hancock and how to access them (Thanks Ruth Franzius!)
  • Subdivision Ordinance (5/14/12)
  • Water Extractiion Ordinance Adopted 5/9/11 (234 KB PDF)


  • Aerial Photograph
  • Floodplain
  • Transportation Map (3 MB PDF)
  • USGS Topographic Map
  • Wetlands.
  • Sample LIDAR Elevation Analysis
    Noted: These are hypothetical cases and should not be construed as observed sea levels.

    Current Sea Level
    Vertical View
    Ortho Image
    Current Sea Level
    Oblique View
    Current Sea Level
    Six Foot
    Sea Level Increase
    Six Foot Increase
    12 Foot
    Sea Level Increase
    12 Foot Increase


  • Census Data
  • Parcel Data (Arc View Shape File 320K Zip Format)