Come share your ideas at an upcoming public meeting in your area:

Sponsored by the Maine Coastal Program at the Maine State Planning Office and the Maine Department of Marine Resources

Maine’s coastal waters currently host a variety of activities such as recreational boating, fishing, marine transportation, energy, conservation and aquaculture. The State of Maine is beginning a two year Bay Management Study that will explore whether Maine needs new ways to manage coastal waters and what type of measures are appropriate for use here. Bay management would likely encourage the coexistence of multiple uses, enable local involvement, make better use of scientific information, and improve decision-making systems. In January 2007, recommendations will be sent to the Maine Legislature.

Throughout the next two years, there will be many opportunities for public involvement in the study. The input received from these initial Sharing Public Waters Community Discussions will provide staff with directions for further exploration and research, while participants in later public meetings will have opportunities to create and share their own ideas.

Please attend the upcoming Community Discussion in your area. We want to hear from people with a wide range of backgrounds, and would love to hear your thoughts! After a hearing a brief introduction, participants at each Community Discussion will break up into small groups to allow for in-depth conversations.


For more information, go to www.state.me.us/dmr/baystudy/baystudy.htm or call Lorraine Lessard at 207-287-1486.

In case of inclement weather, please log onto www.state.me.us/dmr/baystudy/baystudy.htm or call 207-287-1486 for a recorded message to find out if the meeting is still being held.