2011 Project Canopy Assistance Grants Available

Maine’s Project Canopy will award $200,000 in grants to local municipal units of government, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations that sup-port community efforts to develop and maintain long-term community forestry programs. To be eligible to apply for 2011 Project Canopy Assistance grants, all applicants must attend a grant workshop prior to submission. Grant workshops will be scheduled for September 2011, will be held in various locations throughout the state, and will cover topics including grant writing, project development, sustainable com-munity forestry management, and grant administration. Applications must be submitted to the Maine Forest Service by 5 PM, October 17, 2011. To learn more about the Project Canopy Assistance program and to sign up for a grant workshop, contact Project Canopy at 207-287-4987. More information is available on the website.

Free Trees Available!

Project Canopy has always connected com-munities with trees. Since the beginning of the pro-gram in 1990, we have offered grants to communities for tree plantings. Since then, we have distributed millions of dollars in grant money to plant trees on streets, in parks, and in front yards throughout Maine.
This year, through the generosity of Dutton’s Nursery, in Morrill, Maine, we are offering a different type of tree planting opportunity. Dutton’s has unfortunately decided to close operations at the end of the season this year. Rather than wholesaling remaining stock, they have decided to give back to the communities that have supported their business over the years, by donating trees to Project Canopy. Cities, towns, schools, and non-profit organizations will be eligible to receive free trees for community planting.
Over one thousand trees are available, of over 75 species and varieties. Sizes range from 5 gallon shrubs to trees anywhere from 1 to 5” caliper. Two distribution dates in September and October, 2011 will be set aside to pick up trees at Dutton’s Nursery. Tree recipients will be responsible for picking up trees, while Dutton’s and Maine Forest Service staff will help load orders. All recipients must first submit an application/registration with Project Canopy, in order to track donations as well as to minimize problems on the distribution dates. For those smaller  communities and organization that may not have the ability to transport the trees, there may be opportunities to consolidate transportation with larger service centers and surrounding Tree City USA communities. To receive the inventory of trees available, and to register, please contact Jan Ames Santerre at jan.santerre@maine.gov, or 287-4987.