EMDC Corridor Regional Analysis and Planning - PVCOG, WCCOG
Analysis Region 4 Transportation Analysis

Route 9 Corridor Preservation project

Blackwoods Scenic Byway

Resources www.sha.state.md.us/ImprovingOurCommunity/oppe/access_manage.asp

* Serving Penobscot, Piscataquis and Washington Counties

As part of our effort to develop a corridor management plan model, I suggest we consider the Regional Transportation Analysis that you, Eric, and I completed last year. In addition, we should also consider some of the elements from the PVPILOT project prepared by BACTS and perhaps the Route 9 Corridor Preservation project I did a few years ago. I have not included graphics as it would be too large a file.

I also attached a link to the Maryland Department of Transportation’s access management program www.sha.state.md.us/ImprovingOurCommunity/oppe/access_manage.asp Maryland’s corridor access management program is interesting because the state provides funds to purchase access rights from willing sellers along priority corridors.

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