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Corridor Management Planning
Prepared by Northern Maine Development Commission


NMDC has recently completed several corridor management plans. These have focused on State designed scenic by-ways and were approved by the involved municipalities and MDOT. We are now in the process of implementing several of the strategies located in Million Dollar View Plan (corridor is located in Orient and Weston). This plan is now located on Hancock County Planning Commission’s website.

What should the plan contain?

Like KVCOG, NMDC’s service area does not contain an MPO and we do not have the technical capacity, in house, to measure or model traffic behavior. We, therefore, use what data and information we receive from MDOT and other sources and work with municipalities to obtain local land use, economic development, or other data (hard data or antidotal). We feel that undertaking a corridor management study is to: research, document, analyze existing and expected future conditions, issues, and needs in the corridor. This step will provide a foundation for the development of the action steps or strategies

Elements of a CMP should include (if information is available for northern Maine):

As mentioned by Chris Huck, there needs to be an early identification of the stakeholders and the level of commitment from those involved parties (municipalities, MDOT, Planning Commission). Our concern is the raising of expectations during the development of a CMP that results in either the partial implementation of the plan (one group of stakeholders only) or no implementation at all.

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