Community Development Links:

Coastal Acadia Development Corporation

Dept. of Economic and Community Development

Eastern Maine Development Corporation

Maine Community Foundation

Maine Development Foundation

Maine and Company

Maine Historic Preservation Commission

Maine State
Housing Authority

Office of Community Development

Washington Hancock Community

Other Ecomic and Community Development Links


Unorganized Territory Housing Assessment

MDI Tomorrow

Peninsula Tomorrow

Planning for

Schoodic Regional

Hancock County
Planning Commission

Unorganized Territory Housing Assessment


  1. Overview
  2. Commerce
  3. Dwelling Defects
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Recreation
  6. Roads
  7. Signs
  8. Seasonal Dwellings
  9. Year Round Dwellings


  1. LURC in Hancock County
  2. Nearby Service Centers
  3. Cultural Resources
  4. Land Ownership
  5. Electricity Service
  6. Population
  7. T7 SD Structures
  8. Fletcher's Landing Structures
  9. T9 SD Structures
  10. T10 SD Structures
  11. T22 SD Structures
  12. UT Islands West of Deer Isle