This is an overview of the sidewalks of Ellsworth Maine from the perspective of a wheelchair.  I may have missed a sidewalk or two, but I think I've mapped most of the sidewalks within my range.  The map below is only that part of Ellsworth that is accessible to me. I've divided the town into 3 sectors so that the detailed maps aren't too big.  Click on the large red numbers to explore that section of town.

The Sidewalks of Ellsworth

Tom StipeAbout the Author

      Tom Stipe broke his neck in a bicycling accident 15 years ago inn Ellsworth.   He is confined to a wheelchair, but he still lives in town. In warmer weather, he spends a lot of time on the sidewalks of Ellsworth cruising in his wheelchair.  These sidewalks form the rough boundaries of his world.  In many places, where the sidewalk stops, so does he.  He ventures beyond the sidewalks in other places, exploring the streets of quiet neighborhoods.  He has been known to risk his life by crossing Water Street to get to the town's waterfront park. He ranges from the Black House to Birdsacre and beyond.


The Northern Section of Town The Commercial Sector